Alternative Therapy Equipment

Chromo therapy, which according to some authors can be defined as: “therapy through the use of the light spectrum”, you can use sunlight in timetables and different seasons for harmonisation of the human being, in this case is called a natural.

Or use electric lighting or from another source other than the Sun, in this case is called artifiicial.

Even if the practical value of discusses Chromotherapy within the official circles of medicine, as well as the of homeopathy, however, while discussing, many professionals therapists make use, or equipment specifically designed for this work, which are generally expensive, or eventually use alternative instruments.

With the intention to contribute to this new branch of Therapeutics, we present below a simple and practical solution for colored rays of light. I mean we present, because this tip was created in partnership with the Illuminator Marcelo Iriarte.

-01 flashlight to the rechargeable battery or with a basis of common batteries with screw.Note the materials you will need to make your alternative therapy equipment:

-Filters (gelatin) or colored cellophane. Filters are most suitable due to your Constitution.

-A common stylus.

For starters, by unscrewing the front of your flashlight, remove the glass or acrylic lens according to RELATIONSHIPSPLUS. Put that lens on the filter (gelatin). Search Save using one corner of the sheet:

Now with a stylus on a hard surface, cut the filter using the lens as a template:

Now below is the string to know where fit your filter:
See how it looks:

Put the lens back on flashlight:

Now place your cut filter that will fit perfectly to the inside edges of the lamp:

Finally screw again the Lantern grip nozzle and ready! Alternative therapy equipment can now be used:

Also be sure to save your filters between soft papers not to scratch them. In fact, this should be done by all professional lighting.