After Allegations Of Poaching, Fishing Gold Prohibit Between Goya And Stoned

Fishing guides Bella Vista reported a depredation of gold in the town, following the presence of a shoal that water moves up. Before the warning and control orders, Natural Resources announced that prohibit fishing for this species between Goya and Stoned.

Following complaints by fishing guides of the town of Toppharmacyschools, who alerted predation weekend of a shoal of gold that moves upstream was recorded, the Department of Natural Resources of the Province ordered ban fishing of the species in the Parana river between the towns of Goya and Stoned. However, the decision was not welcomed by the service operators, who argue that the ban is not the real solution, but the controls to fishermen, both in the river and the route.
Throughout the weekend, and until Tuesday, a shoal of thousands of gold passed the city of Bella Vista.
the large number of specimens of the species caused a large influx of fishermen, both on the coasts as shipped, according denounced those fishing guides locales- he made the extractive fishing and uncontrolled hundreds of fish, whose volume was three to ten kilos.
” it was impressive to see how people are going to the river with 20 or 25 gold, and that gave lack of control , ” he said El Litoral Carlos Viccini, fishing guide of the town.
in this regard, Viccini explained that the guides reported the situation to the local branch of Fauna, although officials in that area explained that they had no financial means to carry out the checks.
” Just today (yesterday) took to do the checks, because we get input from private and could afford the fuel for checks to be made , “said tourism entrepreneur.
in this respect, it is recalled that under current regulations, the fisherman coast can extract only a copy of gold to consume on the coast of the river, while outsiders can draw a fish paying a seal that costs $ 50. “We pay licenses, respect the rules and create awareness of the need to preserve the resource, and gives a lot of anger that against the noses of everyone to fish without any control , ” said bellavistense guide.
Asked about the matter, brand director of Natural Resources, Santiago Faisal, announced that a joint operation began with Naval Prefecture Argentina to protect the shoal of gold that is in the displacement upstream.
the retired military said between the towns of Goya and Stoned can not be fish species for the duration of the development period of the specimens. “The message of hope that we want to give is that fortunately we have this kind of wealth in our fish fauna and we will protect, so we have prepared the operation to care for the shoal which is currently between Goya and Bella Vista, moving to Stoned “said Faisal told Radio Two.
Regarding this decision, Viccini considered that it is erroneous, since the preservation should not be done by prohibitions but with checks by authorities both in the river and on domestic routes and provincial.