Advent calendar: drum roll

Drumroll reading break group

, Alin Boyaciyan decorates and not only people, but also books and rooms. In the extensive portfolio of Düsseldorf goldsmith and graduate designer you will find not only chains, rings and earrings, but also everyday items such as lamps, bookmarks and decorative bowls. Why should a little jewelry get not the environment? Their creative ideas live on expressiveness and spirit of discovery. So hidden she, for example, a simple tea light behind a silhouette Lampshade stainless – and already is from the simple flame a cosy Lichterschein.

Drum roll: stars and starlets earrings

“A simple, static material to give a new face and the way on this journey of discovery the most exciting phase of my work is comparable to a drumroll.”, Alin Boyaciyan says. Also the name under which she presented their products resulting from this idea: drum roll. Voltage guaranteed.

, Alin Boyaciyan, inter alia in music, in art, in fashion and in world affairs is their inspiration. Play with stereotypes and the exploration of forms and materials leads to jewelry and objects, which are not only beautiful to look at, but that is also a statement.

The collection quintessence, which we have presented some time ago in the blog, brings their penchant for polygons (polygon) – in this case the designer Pentagons – Express. Sitting in the Centre of the silver gems synthetic color stones in blue or red that Pierce not only by their bright colors, but also her exceptional composure in the eye.

Lantern twilight standard of stainless steel

All pieces are handmade and manufactured in small series. As distribution channels, Alin Boyaciyan in addition to galleries has chosen amongst the DaWanda and Bonogoo online platforms for contemporary jewellery art. Anyone looking for an original gift, once over look in any case.

For our advent calendar, Alin Boyaciyan the Lantern is twilight standard of stainless steel available. Just answer our question and you submit in the comment field:

what place occupied Alin Boyaciyan at „ local time Düsseldorf “?

The answers are unlocked only after the end of the competition. All participants agree with the prize rules.