Advent calendar: Jewelry magazine

Petra Bäuerle – editor-in-Chief of the jewelry magazine in the interview

The magazine market is large and diverse, but you are looking for a journal that deals exclusively with jewelry and the jewelry is not only an accessory to the fashion at the kiosk, then only a booklet remains in the jungle of the consumer magazines in Germany: the jewelry magazine. Four times in the year expert editors report the news in the jewelry industry, take a look behind the scenes of different manufacturers, show the creative diversity of young artists, established designers, large factories and companies and put them into an aesthetic, largely pure environment. Tradition and modern stand side by side on an equal footing. Designer jewellery is presented here in a separate section. Given its own forum in collaboration with the Platinum Guild was Platinum jewelry, the designer of Platinum and Platinum dealer found. Since 2010, the jewelry is published magazine in the Meth media VerlagsgmbH in Stuttgart, the magazine with the Ebner Verlag Ulm was previously located. For three years, Petra Bäuerle the Chief Editor of the jewelry magazine is which with a circulation of 20,000, reaches readers from the industry as well as jewelry interested consumers.

Bridgat: what fascinates you about the editorial work with jewelry especially?
Petra Bäuerle: developments in the design area, the strong expressiveness of forms, are particularly exciting, of course the “Mini”-works of art which are made portable. The emergence of big trends, for example the hype for charms, is interesting to observe and analyze. In my opinion not the due importance is given to far jewellery – as a cultural asset, as a magnificent asset and as an expressive accessory -. It is a challenge to change that!

JB: there is a moment in the development of a specification, which you particularly look forward?
PB: Yes, this is not the emergence of this issue, as you might suspect, but the start of planning for the next edition. A blank page layout can be filled with ideas, themes and great pictures. I feel that as in the quotation of Hermann Hesse: “And magic inherent in any early”. The constraints on, well, that come from alone …

JB: you select the topics according to what criteria?
PB: Timeliness, trend, season, information disclosure, and much more. It comes again and again to the question, as you can – delight the reader for the topic of jewelry in Word and image.

JB: have a piece of jewelry, where your heart especially depends on and which emotional value exceeds the actual material value?
PB: But of course, as a piece of jewelry has surely every woman. It is a ring that I have received from my far too early deceased mother.

Jewelry magazine – self terminate end subscription

Magazine published next issue of jewelry on February 18 before the jewelry and watch fair inhorgenta. Who can answer the solution on our today’s question and enters them in the comment field, has provided, the prospect of an annual subscription (4 issues) magazine valued at 27.20 euros by meth media.

Question: what precious metal magazine dedicated to in the jewelry its own forum?

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