Advent calendar: Cocoon


Cocoon magazine

a cocoon is a tender, that surrounds a discreet little Caterpillar and dismisses them as magical beings – the butterfly -. Cocoon is a magazine that picks up this mutability and translated into the language of fashion and style. Doing glossy magazine looks like a butterfly itself: with elegance and ease photo galleries and reports turns. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics are not just colorful cobbled together, but follow an aesthetic picture language. Cocoon is a magazine for women by women. Silke Ehrentraut and Simone Kretzer, whose starting form the name of the SiSi Publishing House, called cocoon in the autumn of 2009. The bilingual magazine is published four times a year in German and English and is dedicated to the beautiful and feminine things such as substances, fragrances, accessories, fantastic locations, film, book and CD reviews, shopping – and wellness tips. Humorous columns, which describe the life from a female perspective, round off the range of topics. The next issue appears at the end of December and is available in all the station and airport bookshops and selected stores in the major cities of Germany. In this month – more precisely: starts today, on December 6 – the website of cocoon, which complements the magazine and in the period between two issues for information and entertainment.

For our advent calendar the SiSi Publisher provides the magazine 1 year subscription cocoon worth 24 euro. This subscription ends automatically, you is so also no further commitments. Who want to know what women really want, should answer the following question and enter the solution in the comments box:

question: which city is located in the SiSi Publisher?

The answers are unlocked only after the end of the competition. All participants agree with the prize rules.