Advent calendar 7: Elisabeth Landeloos

Large silver shine in sophisticated Sheen, delicate chain rattle softly and bring charming vivacity in the jewelry. The spacious silver gems by Elisabeth Landeloos fascinated by the imaginative play of quiet, rigid elements and flowing movements. The Belgian designer in everyday life takes its inspiration: so flashes here a stylized Hat pin out or a zipper decor shows up there. Then again, the lines and shapes seem a waterfall or reminiscent of a full moon. Wide satin cords, combined with silver pendants, lend a festive touch the pieces. Here and there, delicate color accents are used with mother of Pearl. This winter, the collections of full moon are new – a tribute on the full – moon, silver waves – a delicate interpretation of ocean waves – and Angels tears. In addition the line Day Line was launched this year in addition to the classic line, in the smaller pieces of jewelry for everyday use can be found. If opulent and generous or delicate and small – any collection of Elisabeth Landeloos revealed their own characteristics and their special charm.

Behind our today’s advent calendar door hides an elegant bracelet collection phantoms (classic line) from Silver 925 worth 249 euro. Drawn is among all participants who solve the subsequent turndown game. Closing date for entries is today night at 24:00.

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