Advent calendar 6: Niessing

Delicate ribbons of pure gold and Platinum loop around your wrist and fingers eventually into an elegant ball. With the new collection of Colette, Niessing celebrates sensual lightness and pure refinement. At the same time refers to a characteristic of the Designschmuckmarke, because the filigree ring and bangles reminiscent of the Niessingschnur – newly interpreted and provided with playful accents. Taken individually, the pieces of jewelry can be used discreet and restrained. To many, combined, they become striking outward astronomically. Colette is there in all gold (750/000) by Niessing: reddish in yellow, grey, red, green and sand grey – and Platinum 950. On request, the decorative beads can be decorated with diamonds. In addition to delicate design ideas the Vredener jewelry factory offers also voluminous pieces, which, however, have a slight nuance – either through a surface design as in Papyr, bow or Roseum or reduced, clear design, for example, when the Niessing tension rings.

For our today’s door, Niessing donates three easy winding Coletteringe in the set, gold 750 without trim. She gold can choose the winner himself. Value per ring: 325 euro. Will be raffled among all participants who solve our turndown game until 24:00.

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