Advent calendar 6: Heiko Schrem

Sparkling diamonds dance like foam crowns on waves of gold and steel. Gems are reflected in polished shells, which are named after the Greek Sun God Helios. Heiko Schrem plays with reflections and gentle movements, he also coaxed to Gipsy metals such as stainless steel. Seemingly easily and effortlessly Nestle the metal tracks like elegant spirals in the Spira rings on his finger. Pure versions and which embrace the natural arches with diamonds is, caused by the bending of the metal. What looks so natural and carefree, requires strength, skill and time – therefore the hand-crafted rings by Heiko Schrem are something very special. And of course because of its design, which is not only unique, but has also a high wearing comfort – in wide and strong rings.

Bending, forging, grinding, polishing – all this makes Heiko Schrem also for the winner, which frees our today’s turndown game and is pulled by Fortuna. Giving away a ring is made Spira 10 mm, by Heiko Schrem in ring width in stainless steel in the value of 175 euros, which incidentally also great looks at man hands and can be worn as jewelry – individually or in pairs partner ring.

Heiko Schrem jewelry
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