Advent calendar: 6 (chance 3) Tanja Hartmann

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A creams ESPRIT Zerchen here, a Pearl, a sparkling cubic zirconia what sounds like a little Christmas baking is the jewelry workshop Tanja Hartmann, which now took place in Wesel in a larger bakery – UH shop and workshop – in reality. In the basket Maker 3 (and not only!) there are to discover all sorts of sweet jewelry. In addition to the meringue jewel there are the rings and chains Adenuga, inspired by present grinding. Heart seduce felt with the message “just for you” as a souvenir and gift in between. Rolli rings made of rubber, that celebrate the fun of fashion and the decorating alone or with cubic zirconia and rubber bands, which are one or several times as a bracelet or chain are new products.

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PomPoms from black sponge can loop a chain around the neck and fit perfectly with the winter time. With a sweet tooth should guard against the Lakritzschmuckstücken that although deceptively real look, but represent only an eye and a real feast. Tanja Hartmann can access the Bridgatleser and-leserinnen deep into the candy – and jewelry drawer and sponsors just 3 times per 2 pieces of jewellery from their range.



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Finds the three matching images from the gallery and leave the numbers (appears above the image, if it is clicked) as a comment. In addition, we want to know which piece of jewelry you like best.

Under all participants who answer both questions to the 8.12.11 (midnight) will be raffled six pieces of jewelry worth a total of 155 euros. All comments remain locked up for the end of the competition and be on the 9.12. unlocked. The legal action is excluded.