Advent calendar 4: jewelry factory

A ring, rattles, a diamond that floats, a ring that can be worn as a bracelet … jewellery factory surprised again and again with new, innovative ideas which go beyond mere decoration and experience the jewelry. So that everyone can equip themselves with the original Designpreziosen, there are the jewelry of jewellery works not only in 750 gold and Platinum, but also in stainless steel – permitting the realisation of the design. Purist and squiggled pieces are here, as well as delicate and rock gems. But whether small and fine or opulent and distinctive: High quality and best quality are always at the heart. It is made in the own factory in Ratingen, located in a historic paper mill and disseminated a wonderful flair. In this environment, unusual ideas are so to speak including. This year, the extension of the winding Medusaringe versions with magnetic, interchangeable color gemstone tops, the new, sophisticated collection chaton in pearls and diamonds in glass used on an elegant throne and the infinitely beautiful collection endless, is their masterpiece the platinum ring with the modern interpretations looping mit Diamantbesatz belong to the novelties.

For our current sweepstakes rattle in stainless steel with beads provides a pendant with the matching necklace in the collection jewelry work, value 250 euro.

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