4 advent calendar: Heartbreaker

Naughty, poetic and romantic – jewelry by heartbreaker enchants with fairytale motifs and a loving design. Angel sweet little Fröschlein and birds, and the rich portfolio of the brand include elves, striking heart and majestic Crown. Cute owls guarding delicately shimmering beads and proud Dragon with mysterious charisma are new. In the Charmskollektion, there are numerous innovations. Sweet treats kept in silver and decorated with colorful paint, charming musical instruments recall the joys of dance, little monster sitting laughing on bracelets and necklaces. The figurative charms can be worn on necklaces and bracelets made of silver and grace as bracelets of beads and semi-precious stones. The colorful leather bracelets, which not only in wide varieties of lichens there, but also quite simply multiple can be wrapped around the arm joint reveal colorful and casual.

For today’s draw, heartbreaker donates a trendy leather bracelet with a frog in silver with Zirkoniapavée worth of 259 euros. The winner can choose between three colors: green, black or cream. Incidentally, there is even more seductive heartbreaker gains the brand blog, a daily advent calendar game is also held in the.

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