Advent calendar: 24 (equal 4) doll up sisters

Where is this picture?

Anna and Sophia Wahl alias doll up sisters appeal to the play instinct in us and wake the little girl into a woman. Their imaginative gems decorated with bows, get plugged flowers and spread through the use of warm shimmering jewelry brass nostalgic charm. With the Brown patina metal reinforced the impression, there is the magnificent jewelry with precious toys and dolls in an old jewelry chest in the attic discovered. Colorful glass blocks that were cut after the Czech tradition, sparkle in bright colors and are as faceted drops, or rose-cut. This year, a sterling silver collection enriches the offer – for all those whose complexion after something lighter requires, the sisters up but not at the doll want to do without. In addition to all sorts of figurative brass appear larger figures in appearance. Maikomaus, Konrad and Luise, Ђάмõôđى cat and dog Max, wise owls, elegant swans and perky doves join dwarfs and Matryoshkas.

What cheerful piece of jewelry will be soon one of you accompany?

Finds the appropriate image from the gallery and leave the number (appears above the image, if it is clicked) as a comment. In addition, we want to know which piece of jewelry you like best.

Under all participants who answer both questions to the new (midnight), will be raffled sought trinket in the value of 98 euros. All comments remain locked up for the end of the competition and will be the 27.12. switched off. The legal action is excluded.