Advent calendar: 22 Filzis

Where to hide this frame?

Color is trend. Actually getting. Changes only the way of the suit. In a season, it is purple, then Berry, later maybe red, blue or yellow or green or … sometimes also the non-colours black and white are at the front. In addition to the fashion trends, there is even the favorite colors. Who wants to wear always a matching piece of jewelry to clothing and having not without bright effects, truly needs a large jewelry box – or Filzis! The motto of the brand, which conjures up a few steps from a 17 jewel – is “Wonderfully ConverTable” because just as many different colored lacquered is there to each piece. The basis is always a pendant, ring or earrings of Silver 925 (optional silver gilt), deliver the geometrically simple framework for the lacquered. These are quite simply from the front or inserted from the side, ready. The back of the silver precious objects is broken, so that the felt using the wooden applicator stick to do so provided may be easily pushed out forward. New Feltpad insert – it appears the piece of jewelry in a different color! In addition to the classical motifs, square, circle, oval and rectangle have been added new double elements. These allow the combination of two colors and are still somewhat more than the base models.

Which “wonderfully-transformable” jewelry piece is sponsoring today the brand of Filzis?

Finds the appropriate image from the gallery and leave the number (appears above the image, if it is clicked) as a comment. In addition, we want to know which piece of jewelry you like best.

Under all participants who answer both questions to 24.12.11 (midnight), is drawn the requested piece of jewelry worth 105 euro. All comments remain locked up for the end of the competition and are on the 25/12-unlocked. The legal action is excluded.