Advent calendar 2: Marc O ’ Polo

Of December begins wintry white and invites you to pick up the thick knitted sweater out of the closet and to relax with a glass of mulled wine at the Christmas market. The Swedish fashion brand Marc O ’ Polo offers not only the appropriate soft clothing, but also provides the wearer with matching jewelry to. Topics from fashion to resonate. So twisted node rings reminiscent of delicate strings of wool, semi-precious stones will receive a knitted bonnet, delicate ornaments reflect the relation to nature and keep on Vintagecharme. Special highlight in the current collection is the „ flying stone “: a large oval smoky quartz, which is held by a thin silver chain and appears to float. Jewelry by Marc O ’ Polo is made of Silver 925, which went gold in part.

Suitable for Christmas, Marc donates O ’ Polo jewels a fine star necklace made of sterling silver. Raffles is among all participants who solve our turndown game until 24:00. Multiple entries will not be counted, legal recourse is excluded.

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