Advent calendar: 16 sence Copenhagen

Where am I hiding?

The Scandinavians have Yes a special passion for fashion. You create the combination of coolness and lightness of trend and timelessness of understatement and luxury. This is no different in the jewelry. The Danish brand sence Copenhagen holds, for example, jewellery with strong fashion connections at the same time fulfilling a high design standards. The basis of the jewellery is silver – or gold-plated brass. To get colored glass and semi-precious stones such as agate, Onyx and jade and trendy leather. In this autumn-winter season, warm shades such as various Brown and powder shades, dark water colors, olive – and Rosewood tones dominate.

Where’m I?

In addition to the regular jewelry collections, there is also a collection jewelry system with sweet charms, which take up the clear design. Collectors should decide quickly: about 70 percent of the consequently 400 collection items be exchanged annually and aligned with the current trends. The two main collections are accompanied by two smaller intermediate collections in early summer and the pre-Christmas period in spring and autumn. Colors and designs in jewelry by sence Copenhagen are based on the current fashion trends.

Who wants to be up to date with sence Copenhagen, takes two pieces of jewelry from the current autumn – winter collection that want to change their owner in our picture puzzle.

Finds the two matching image from the gallery and leave the numbers (appear over the image, if it is clicked) as a comment. In addition, we want to know which piece of jewelry you like best.

Is all the participants, who answer both questions to the 18.12.11 (midnight), one of the wanted pieces of jewelry worth 89,95 euro ever and 59.95 euros raffled. All comments remain locked up for the end of the competition and be on the 19.12.-unlocked. The legal action is excluded.