Advent calendar: 15 ring Ding

Where to hide this frame?

Ring, ring, you have to wander … – or you turn just only again and again! The combination system of ring Ding, it’s easy. Discs and decorative elements made of Silver 925 fine silver plated or 18-carat gold-plated, 555 gold items, acrylic, felt or cold enamel, and much more can be put together at will and embellished with freshwater pearls, gemstones, or synthetic stones. So are designs that can be even clear and reduced, a time figured and playful, juwelig, graphic, symbol-heavy or sculptural. Long ago there is no longer ring thing just rings, but the interchangeable jewelry system includes also pendants, necklaces, earrings and charms. Many different types of jewelry you can with only a single base jewel and a handful of discs and topics create, allowing you to carry a different and yet the same jewelry every day. Designed and produced the pieces under one roof: the silver factory. Creative jewelry ideas that stimulate the imagination and with the jewelry wearer can be created since 1998 here in Mill Valley at Darmstadt under the leadership of Jürgen Müller and Gritta Debus.

If it tickles you now in your fingers and you want to change and have yourself a piece of jewelry from ring Ding, you should quickly resolve our little puzzle.

Finds the appropriate image from the gallery and leave the number (appears above the image, if it is clicked) as a comment. In addition, we want to know which piece of jewelry you like best.

Under all participants who answer both questions to the 17.12.11 (midnight), will be raffled the requested piece of jewelry worth around 50 euros. All comments remain locked up for the end of the competition and will be the 18.12 unlocked. The legal action is excluded.