Advent Calendar 10: ARS

Delicate lines and fine structures determine the surface of a beautiful piece of jewellery. The Atelier Reister Straubenhardt, abbreviated to ARS, is a family-owned company manufactures jewelry and watches with character in the best tradition of Goldsmith. Suspenseful, nature-inspired shapes and surfaces characterize the pieces. The fine gems are made in silver and gold, often in a combination of the two precious metals. Bicolor is a big topic at ARS, whose name represents not only an abbreviation for the studio, but at the same time is the Latin word for art – for craft and jewellery, which is expressed in handmade small series.

In addition to the distinctive jewellery, including jewelry watches, manufactures of ARS not only like their appearance, but also are equipped with a Swiss precision movement and Sapphire Crystal. The dials are worked in fine gold 999, Palladium White Gold 750 and 950 Palladium. The range of ARS includes not only women’s jewelry, but also a fine selection of jewelry and watches for men.

Behind our 10 door is a ring in Silver 925 with a moving ball from 1 gram of fine gold provided by ARS, 267 euros. Good luck!