About Leggings

Today let’s talk about the protection of shoes and feet of snow using Gamache-lanterns and shoe covers. We will conduct the tests, which will take place in three geographic regions of our planet. Yes, this lush life the author of our site. The first test will be held in February in Sweden, second and third in March, on Lake Baikal and Mongolia. All winter routes, bike and hiking. In a Word, is where to wander through the snow and ice, bask in the Sun in March and try new products. In this test we are products of firm “outfit”. Why her? Because the lineup produced Gamache and shoe covers. Three-legged design, one of which is available in three sizes. Shoe covers two designs, a large range of sizes. In short, there are plenty to choose from, and below.

To begin, let’s deal in terms of.

Bahilami call protective design for feet and shoes, which completely closed the boot and part or all of the lower leg. What is good? Shoe covers-the most reliable way to deal with snow and even water. Snow is not nasypletsâ in the boot through the top, will not stick to boot, and then do not penetrate inside, rastaâv. Than bad? Shoe covers more weigh, gaiters close boot soles, on which there is a protector. A protector is not just so. In a Word, in the shoes to walk much better than shoe covers, provided that it is necessary to “enjoy”. Especially pleasant in fall shoe covers under the snow, if, for example, on ice-water. Shoe covers, of course, not meant to walk on water, but dry land Aki short dives into the icy šugu negate good.

To have the virtues of shoe covers, but not have their shortcomings, invented leggings. Roughly speaking, Gamache is upholstery fabric without bottom. It protects shoes from falling snow (mud) through top, closes the top of the boot. Remains visible only sock. Leggings, if they are properly made, tight fit shoe bottom and Shin on top. Practically, allow you to walk in deep snow, without major problems, especially if your boots don’t lost waterproof properties.

Additional and pleasant bonus of using shoe covers-flashlights-gamaches is warming the feet. Yes, the legs more heat as the soles of the feet, which in the boot and golenâm. In the photo below-ordinary gaiters and leggings light

Our test survey is conducted on the upholstery fabric lineup-“production equipment” Gamache. What is what?

  1. Classic upholstery fabric.Kalosza bottom, breathable fabric (avizent) on top Our site note that the Chaps is done on the basis of two types of kaloš. Ordinary household-“rubber”, and PVC kaloš. You can choose, but the author’s preference for rubber overshoes. They somehow “sleeker” sit on your legs, more fit.On the other hand, these galoshes differ form. will take, try exactly on your shoes.
  2. Chaps “Bigfoot”.hOur site a similar design, in which the top cutaway made galoshes closed the same avizentom. For what? The manufacturer claims to schoolchildren in the design of lots of big shoes.Not in the sense of larger sizes, you can choose the appropriate size shoe covers. Their dimensions are determined by the size of the kaloš. And such big shoes, well, just with a very large nose. Well, maybe. On a trekking boot author ordinary gaiters sit well.
  3. Gaiters high classic, selecting Gamache, draw attention to the fact that they have different height! You can choose the size of your tibia. This is important because in addition to different sizes of tibia, Gamache and more girth footwear and Shin. And leggings should sit tight. Without snegopronicaemyh clearances.
  4. Gaiters high Lite “Lite”. Lightweight leggings, lightweight leggings. But as they eased? They are made of two parts, rather than one, as the classic leggings. These leggings do not have zippers, and their top made of lighter fabrics and, in this regard, Leggings have a smaller weight. By how much? Light Leggings have weight 300 grams and legged “simple”-(the same size)-400 grams. In General, quite significantly-a quarter of the weight.
  5. Legged mini.Our site here is what saves weight, so this “mini” Leggings.120 grams a pair. “Mini” in this case defines the height, which is 27 cm. Classic leggings, remind, start at 45 cm. Most importantly, the most responsible, what they do is protect the top of the boot in place of articulation was with the pants. This is the best solution against the snow in this place. How pants do not refuel as boot zašnurovyvaj not, and most reliable preventing snow-shoe covers or Gamache. And do I need it? As above you could do without. Of course, it is nice when Shin warmer, but this can be achieved by other means, if weight is critical. And, of course, it is necessary to watch that you are wearing. If you walk in shower pants, high legged can and do not need. If polarteke, for example, a case. Well, let’s see what will happen during the test.