A Rare Catfish

A new species of fish – catfish known as cangati and named sp Trachelyopterus scientist. – It was found in the waters of Spawning Channel by technicians of the Division of Itaipu.

The fish collection occurred from 8 to 11 August, after tracking wildlife that began in 2004. Together with catfish a small catfish with jigging fishing method (Otocinclus vittatus), which attests to the environmental quality of the channel was also found built for the passage of migratory fish, which connects the Parana river below the dam, the dam of Itaipú. “This guy is not more than 4 cm long and lives on the edge of the vegetation. When water pollution occurs the worm is among the first species to disappear , “said André Luiz Watanabe, the MARR.CD. ” We use electric fishing, which stuns and allows the capture of small fish, such as the mealworm, which could not be obtained with a network, for example , “says Watanabe. the identification of fish taxonomists is by José Francisco Pezzi PUC-RS. The process is known as classical taxonomy: morphological characteristics are calculated as the number of fish scales, teeth and the shape of the fins, which allows us to say that species.