A Fishing Horror

Terror. The same, again. Fishermen discovered a large fish kills in the river Gastona, a few kilometers from the mouth on the front. “Over several kilometers you can find catfish, butterfish, shad and rowers dead. This was the biggest disaster of the year, “said Jose Amador Briz, one of the athletes who could take pictures of the disaster.

The discovery was made yesterday at noon and alerted all fishermen. “This is the third time I find something. We send the images to the people of this province environment and Santiago del Estero to do something. Might not happen something and not find the guilty “Briz. Said researchers and health workers toured the area yesterday. There they took water samples and reviewed the specimens found. “The worst part is that the tarpon who were found dead were up the river to begin their reproductive cycle, for fishing maps on Answermba.com, so the damage is much greater , ” explained one santiagueña source who participated in the operation. So far it is not known what was the origin of the fish kill. It is suspected that can be thrown vinasse some ingenuity of the province.For this reason, land and air operations are being conducted to try to find where industrial waste was launched. “This case will not come to nothing. The damage was significant and discomfort in the government of Santiago del Estero much higher. Are upset because it did not comply with the promise of zero pollution “, the source said.Apparently the spill occurred during the last weekend because until Friday was quite normal. Also in this case the fish looking for oxygen as they fled in search of water with oxygen was observed. This time, death was almost instantaneous in specimens of different species. Carlos Alvarez, fishing guide Termas de Rio Hondo, not only verified the information but also took pictures to be used as evidence to prove the damage they did or that the industrial waste dumped into the river. “those who love sport fishing must not allow to continue spending as usual. The fish die as officials and governments do dirty business at the expense of pollution of the Sali-Dulce basin ,”said Alvarez. The guide explained the reason for his discomfort:” the direct responsible are companies that pollute and officials do not fulfill their role to monitor and control not throw waste. ” ” Nor would apply sanctions on companies that pollute.Derisory fines apply them. All this happens because there is a consent of the governments. With such raise they are permissive with industry. In short: there is a total absence from the state in caring for the environment , “concluded Alvarez. The recovery of Lake San Miguel is not only good news, but it is a sign that everything can be changed if it exists a commitment. staff Green Spaces performed mino mirror cleaning. For two days, a significant number of employees extracted seaweed and garbage that was on the bottom of the lake. That daunting task adds to repair the pump is running for several days and allowed recovers its water level. To this task the brand new group Fishing Clubs States joined. They needed to have 30,000 kingfish fingerlings that were planted in the San Miguel efforts. The Directorate of Wildlife announced that it will deliver copies to ensure that there is a good population of “silver arrows” that place. “This is a group of people who want to collaborate, add their bit to change things the province. This is only the first step we took. And of course I clarify that not seek to confront, but to help , “said Diego Lobo, referring to the group. This group is composed of members of fishing clubs Regatas, UNT and Yacht Tafi del Valle; bikers, kayakers and fierreros. “We are all working to make things better. We will campaign of awareness so that people do not throw waste anywhere. We do not want to clean, we want people to stop throwing waste anywhere , “said Lobo. The next action, as reported, will perform a cleanup campaign in the coast of El Cadillal. In the coming hours they will be asked collaboration of the commune of the place.