A Female House in Normandy

I’m not really inclined to distinctions between male and female in decoration, although I am aware that there are spaces and atmospheres (created by several decorative elements, furniture, colors, or touches of style) that refer us, without wanting to, but in a very wise move, the masculine and feminine universes.

That’s what happens with it’s beautiful home, located about 100 km from Paris, in a small region of Normandy. The House, a charming 19th century mansion in the middle of the field, is the place where retires on weekends and holiday periods, Elisa Bartillat, one of the founders of the Parisian boutique coo Serendipity. The House is fully restored and that draws the most attention is the attic (which corresponds to most of the images that accompany the post), a playful paradise for the three sons of Elisa, the girls, 16 and 13 years, and a boy of 9.

The decor has a premeditated feminine touch decor, flowered wallpaper, a chromatic palette of pastel colors, objects, etc. The furniture is made in your most, for those parts which the landlady found in markets and second-hand stores. It is clear, on the whole, the taste for contrast, which gives rise to a very personal style, where heat is your greatest virtue.

The color combination is perfect, starting with stair handrails painted blue, in perfect harmony with the wallpaper and the stair carpet.