A Charming Girl Room with Touches of Color

I haven’t shared a transformation, and today I got one that is perfect since it’s very inspiring. First, because it is a small space, very similar to what we mortals have in house. Second, because it was made with simple changes and creative solutions, low cost (i.e., what we all want). Third, the result is incredible.

Anyway, I hope that with this charming girl room, you can see that transforming your home is possible, one space at a time, you just have to stop being afraid and cheer up. So we start with the boring “Before”. A very common and beige room.

I loved the result, a dormitory, feminine without being affected, with extravagant touches, but without being childish, which is excellent because the room fits easily as the child grows. I love how the neutral background is perfect for adding color through the furniture and accessories.

The painted ceiling of gray is beautiful and surprisingly didn’t let the reduced space, on the contrary. However, my favorite solution is the wall opposite the bed.

The simple sight it would seem that it’s a wallpaper from Franciscogardening.com, but it’s not. Was done designing the figures on a screen and doing the strokes with a permanent marker directly on the wall. Easy. Although if you ask me, I prefer to trace with a pencil and then paint with a fine brush, a smoother painting.

In my experience are required many layers of paint to cover the permanent markers. But who would want to cover a wall so beautiful.