A Bra That Detects Breast Cancer? Scientists Are Already Working on It

According to the AECC (Spanish Association against cancer) each year are detected in our country 26,000 cases of breast cancer, almost 30% of all tumors of the female sex. But the AECC is also positive, as the latest data indicate that this tumor survival increases by 1.4 percent annually, partly to each year the information on the importance of early diagnosis multiplies. A research of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UN) team is working to develop a bra that is able to detect breast cancer and help in that early prevention.

Approximately one in eight women of our country will suffer this disease throughout his life according to the AECC. But specialists insist: early diagnosis is the best tool for moving forward. When the tumor is detected in these early stages is possible to apply less aggressive treatments, which leave less physical and psychological sequelae in women.

Precisely, to aid in this early prevention, a team of researchers from the National University of Colombia is working on a design of BRA that will help detect the cancer to determine the difference in temperature in both breasts, caused by the presence of abnormal cells. It is a prototype that is tested in the laboratory and according to the official statement of the UN It aims to innovate in this terrible disease prevention, mostly because a late diagnosis usually mean a complication of treatment and reduce the likelihood of success.

This prototype It works with a software that records, through two infrared sensors, the temperature of each breast, something fundamental to detect possible abnormal cells. “When there is presence of mammary glands outside cells, the body requires more circulation and blood flow in the specific part where the invasive cells, therefore this body temperature increases,” explains the student Maria Camila cuts Arcila, one of the participants of this project.

They are responsible for students and professors of electrical engineering of the UN, in Manizales, and since last June are testing this bra with 189 volunteers, of which 166 were healthy, 12 had some different Cancer Pathology, four had suffered it, and seven had undergone a mastectomy. The aim of this task force is not “replace the office of doctor” but collaborate in the prevention of breast cancer and provide a tool that can be affordable for any woman.

At the moment it is only a prototype, but we are waiting for that product to develop completely and is marketed.

Photos: Pixabay.com

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