A Beautiful Arched White Shirt

The white shirt is a play underestimated, which is even more off the excessive importance that we give to the black shirt.

A white shirt, lay it very often: with a jacket, a sweater, a cardigan or even a hoody (pull (zipped or not) with hood).

A Beautiful Arched White Shirt

The problem is that a white shirt too average quality, very ugly. White is a color that does not agree with a cheap material (eg thin fabric as cigarette paper, irregular in its weaving and transparent).

Also watch at the neck, it is often the sensitive part of a shirt that tends to spoil first: it undulates, bulges or creases …

To avoid these pitfalls, do not forget to iron it, and choose models with whales in the neck, these are small plastic tabs allowing the neck to keep her outfit.

How to Choose a White Shirt

  • The cut is paramount, especially for that part. The shoulders should not fall, and the seam must arrive at the bony prominence, with 1/2cm tolerance.
  • Second important point – one that many men neglect – it should not be unnecessary volumes at the chest and armpits. When you stand you need to pinch 2/3cm of tissue under your arm. If there is less tissue is too small. If the sleeves are too short, or if you can see your skin between the buttons at the bust, these are also clear signs that you are wrong size. If you have a particular morphology, feel free to do a touch up, they are very affordable, p’re more expensive than two Best of menus at McDonald’s. I think of those who have a very fine size, but shoulder developed as major sports. The investment is well worth the shot.
  • For smaller budgets, your choice will look to Zara, the best quality/price for this budget there.
    If you have more resources, we love the shirts Melinda Gloss (see http://www.bittranslators.com/), which are of excellent quality and have nothing to envy Lanvin and Charvet, for a price divided by two/three.

To avoid :

  • huge passes, especially if they have square buttons above
  • soft collar that collapse
  • passes without whales
  • the chest pockets
  • the slobbering inscriptions