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Testing Within China - the following Chinese regulations apply to testing in China:
  • Chinese citizens may take the ACT ONLY as an end-of-course examination as part of the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC). If you are a Chinese citizen and a GAC candidate, you must register through your GAC center. If you are not a GAC candidate, you may not take the ACT in China.
  • Citizens of countries other than China may register to test in China ONLY IF they are enrolled at the institution that serves as the test center. If you are enrolled at a school in China that also serves as a test center, you must get the test center code from your school. According to, CN stands for China.

Testing Outside China:

If you are not a GAC candidate and are not enrolled at a school that serves as an ACT test center, consider whether you could test in a different location by traveling to Hong Kong, Macau, or Singapore, or to a nearby country (for example, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal).

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