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Ariane Hartmann present.

Caught! If you thought, you can now get an insight into a very private message, you have made a mistake you unfortunately. The jewelry idea of Ariane Hartmann is anything but secret, but absolutely I want to share it with you!

The Düsseldorf and Hagen now based designer gave the floor to the customers in their collection “In the word” and stamping the request message in rings and necklaces from silver 935 or silver gold plated. If you have very much to say, finds rings in different widths, which consist of processed gold and silver strips, which are complete with stamped in the line “Themed design”. In jewellery “Stations”, written life motto is also crowned by a gem.

Who favors better pictures rather than letters, should take a look in the collection “Waltz”. Here, swallows swarm out to conquer the heart of the jewellery wearer (and the jewelry wearer). You fly on plaques of silver, gesiedet, brushed and partially annealed therefore coming. Black rhodium and bright fine gold coatings extend the color range. The swallow swarm hovers also over wrestling, in addition to there in a floral motif of dill. Where now is the waltz? It’s simple: The collection was not after the dance named, but according to the method of production of the pattern, the rolling.


Ariane Hartmann you can in the own Studio in Hagen, Germany by the way visit, watch her at work on the shoulder and shopping of course according to your heart’s content.

Photos: manufacturer

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