Google Play Games Launches Gamer ID, Your New Profile to Play That It Dissociates Itself from Google +

Google Play games platform already does not require or use our Google + profile to play. During the next few weeks will be your new Gamer ID to enable users to create their own player profile with different name and avatar different from your Google account.

This way the players will no longer use while playing his name and picture of the Google account to show now a Nick and some of the more than 40 avatars This new offering Gamer ID Google Play Games. Another advantage of the Gamer ID is that our nickname is unique, no other player can call us. Our Gamer ID name can have a maximum of 20 characters.

Gamer ID It is associated with your Google account, but we will be where we will decide if we want to make our activity of game (achievements, rankings and) public or private and if we want to associate our email with our Gamer ID we find our friends.

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