Extra Bass: Sony Launches Headphone for Fans of Intense Bass

Renewing its line of Extra Bass headphones, Sony launches in the country three models that combine light and powerful sounds, functionalities and beautiful design.The MDR-XB950AP, MDR-XB450AP and MDR-XB950BT are the new bets of the manufacturer in this category that is growing more and more in Brazil.

“The headphone market is very heated.Every day, the number of people we see on the street, on the train, on the bus and in many other places with big headphones, the headphones, that have come back in style in recent years, “says Ana Malerbi, product manager of Audio Sony Brazil.

“The focus of the new XB series is the young audience, who want to have a visually beautiful equipment, with advanced technology, comfortable and with a sensation of total immersion in the songs,” adds the executive.To win this audience, Sony invests in features such as the lightness of the handsets and cushioned finish, which allows music lovers to listen to their favorite sounds for a long time without bother.

Differentiated features

According to Petwithsupplies.com, new headphones also feature functions like the Beat Response Control, which offers more clarity and less distortion in song playback, as well as the amazing Bass Boost, which enhances bass sounds and delivers an incredible immersion experience, Unique to each beat, with more intensity.

For those looking for more practicality and connectivity, the brand has embedded Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) connections on the MDR-XB950BT, which has an internal battery with up to 20 hours of battery life.It is also possible to connect it to devices by the detachable wire, supplied with the headphone, which contains a gold-plated plug, guaranteeing better audio quality.The model also features microphone and built-in controls that allow you to download and increase volume, change music and answer the phone.

The line also has two more models that expand the possibilities of those who love music.The MDR-XB450AP is available in black or white and is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a headphone with powerful bass.The MDR-XB950AP, with its black version and small details in red, has a larger unit driver, 40 mm, which delivers more audio fidelity and even stronger bass.

The final prices for the consumer are as follows:

  • MDR-XB450AP – US $ 129.99
  • MDR-XB950AP – R $ 479.99
  • MDR-XB950BT – R $ 799.99

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