Bikini Operation: 22 Tips

A simple guide to follow during all the months of the beach where the body is more exposed

1 – Apply anti-cellulite more intensively: twice a day without fail and preferably before a walk, even if it is the way to your office;

2 – War on fried foods and fats. Choose a strict regime of stews and salads;

3 – Sweets do not even think! The fruit already has the calories necessary for our body;

4 – Fight flaccidity with half an hour of exercise daily. It can be a simple walk or simple exercises like sit-ups, jumping rope;

5 – Firming creams are important because they improve the cutaneous relief and increase the cellular renewal;

6 – Clear egg, tuna and soy are foods to consider because they have many proteins and avoid flaccidity;

7 – Introduce the pineapple in your diet. It facilitates digestion, avoids the accumulation of gases and has a diuretic action;

8 – If you already frequent the beach or swimming pool, take the opportunity to exercise in the water through sports such as volleyball that makes all muscles work;

9 – Eating several times a day is essential. If you do not have the opportunity to quit your job to do so, then be warned with small snacks that do not have many calories. Your body will get used to this rhythm;

Forget the cigarette. It harms the lungs, ages the skin and creates wrinkles around the mouth;

11 – 80 percent of our wrinkles derive from excess sun exposure, so choose a good sunscreen for your face and a different one for the body. Attention to the protection factor;

12 – Ingest antioxidants: avocados, red fruits, citrus fruits, spinach and tomatoes;

13 – Take care of immersion baths very time consuming. The water removes certain properties of defense of your body, therefore also opts for products with your correct ph;

14 – Exfoliate the body once a week, as this removes dead cells, lightens and softens the skin.The epidermis itself thus receives, the better the creams:

15 – After bathing and exfoliation, it is essential to dry the skin well and moisturize it, otherwise dry and aging;

16 – Between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day … do not forget. The body thanks;

17 – once a month replace the moisturizer with olive oil and spread through the drier areas such as knees and elbows;

18 – If you are in the sun, avoid alcohol products such as deodorants and colonies, as you risk staining;

19 – After a day at the beach take a shower of cold water that is revitalizing, increases blood flow and improves your well-being;

20 – Even in water you need sunscreen, so put a protector on it

21- If your a lot, try infusions of roses, jasmine and aloe vera;

22 – Wear bikinis and bathing suits according to your body. More understated above and below.In underwear if you want to cover the belly that has not yet taken. With side strips if you want to stretch your legs, in the end, be advised to get the best part of your body.

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