Second Hand: Sweaters&Shirts

The closer body garments are the more skeptical people tend to be to buy them second hand. The pain threshold that everyone seems to agree on the lingerie. Shirts and sweaters should be considered garments with large fyndpotential second hand.

In order for it to be worthwhile to trade shirts second hand requires that the shirts from the beginning is solidly sewn. The point is to buy quality at a reasonable price and not quantity to the kilo price. Therefore, there is a variety of details to look for, as we have previously dealt with. In larger second-hand shops like ants it is necessary to be very careful in their choices, while more selective shops often have already made a pretty good choice. It is important to call the shirt to detect any friction.The collar and cuffs are usually the parts that wear out the fastest and thus important to examine.

While it may seem obvious, it is extremely important to think in terms of the fit. Button-down shirts in a slightly more casual fit has been a clear trend in recent seasons. Whatever the taste, it is important to remember that the shirt is not too broad in the shoulders. Nor for the card in your arms if not the person is dependent on the rolled-back cuffs. Those who think it’s disgusting to buy second-hand shirts should keep in mind that the shirts are very easy to wash. Likewise, it is good to use a Camisole to wear the shirt should not be unnecessarily. However, this applies all the shirts, new as well as used.

Basically, it is most important when it comes to tennis shoes material. To determine which quality wool keeps, however, is a whole science. Therefore, the brand play an important role. Of course, the design and fit to come in the first place, but a well-known mark may not plugs materials science strength its quality. The range of knitwear from quality brands like Alan Paine, Pringle and Lyle & Scott tends to be quite large.

There is also a plethora of less well-known brands such as of course should not be rejected just because the brand’s sake. It is easy to rely on their sense. Then, they are also important to consider how useful garment actually is. Some older sweaters tend to be so coarse wool that they just can be used outdoors for not sweating to death. But at the same time, should we ever faint of heat wave, you do it in cable knitted.

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