I Love Rock ‘ N € ™ Wool

Summer is about to hand over the baton to the fall. So it is high time to think of the chorus and begin to prepare for freezing temperatures. For now, you can very quickly until it is this winter’s tour to make the entrance. And when that time comes, you need-if you want to avoid frostbite-invest some hard earned pennies in a heat-retention outer garments. Represents the first image that pops up in your head a michelin down jacket or parka whose name brings to mind a bird which by now should be endangered? No, I was thinking well. Invest instead in a stylish coat, preferably in wool, in order to maintain the style. And the heat.
A yllerock is actually more flexible than one might think. This is because in and of itself, on which variant to choose, but most can be combined with both jeans and cardigan as well as costume.

Manolo gives you three beautiful models:

* Dior Homme (pictured above), double-breasted classic rock with narrow kind. Made of 90% wool, 10% cashmere. And costs accordingly.
* APC Simpel and single-breasted in 100% wool. French APC are masters at making stylish, simple garments and keep prices down.

* Topman Wallet-friendly, uk’s Topman has made this double-breasted coat in 100% wool. That’s as cheap as practical, then it can be washed in the machine.

Buy addresses:

Dior Homme- Brownsfashion
APC-our site.

Topman-our site.

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