Fresh Fish: Niclas Lindblad

So was it running, Gothenburg’s first fashion show. Excersishuset (just by the Moor), who used to quite remote, has purpose-decorated with big sewing needles, zippers and buttons. As expected, turning most of the designers ‘ clothes to the opposite-sex-only three exhibitors do menswear. On the other hand, it is quite a pretty interesting trio. took a snack with Niclas Lindblad-a nineteen year old who started sewing clothes at serious less than a year ago. So far, it has mostly been jeans and a t-shirt. The jeans have a lot of details and the link to industrial design is noticeable.Incidentally, this was probably the first time I saw a couple double buttoned jeans. Niclas calls his brand of Times Two.

Tell us how it all began.
-I have always sewn on pants, so I decided to sew a pair of their own with what I missed on a pair of pants. And that’s it.

What inspired you?
-I study industrial design so I am inspired much of product packaging and the whole industridesign concept. I don’t want my clothes to be sculptures, but they should be used.

Do you have a fashion designer as a role model?
“I think John Galliano does cool stuff. Otherwise I’m inspired much of what Johan lindeberg do-intersections, imbalance. He works a lot with the mismatch.

How do you think it is possible for your part in the Fresh Fish?
-I do not know, but there have been many agents who have been here at who were interested. But how it goes so I am going to start my own brand this summer.

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