The Belly Dancers Jewelry Trends

It is great on us. At least as regards the trends for jewelry this year. Big, lush and long-so we could describe the best Jewelry neck, the 2010 decorate arm or finger.

Chains that adorn the neckline are passé, arrive in the new year the necklaces at the belly button. Chains in the large pearls, oversized crosses and huge pendant should be missing never. Very brave wear chains with large links and barbed wire elements. Trendsetters for the mega jewelry are by the way top model Kate Moss and singer Beyoncé.

In wrestling, the motto: burly, not spill. Genuine stones, semi-precious stones, or also false stones – that does not matter, mainly it shines and glitters in oversize. The colors are the bright colours of the last year OUT. IN muted colours such as Bordeaux, night blue, are black or gray. Here at lawschoolsinusa you can get more different models and styles.

Bracelets should be as wide and striking. Tires have replaced the charm belts so popular a few months ago.Important here, too: no Schockfarben, but quietly something more discreet with regard to the colors.

You should put emphasis on the correct trailer. Cut glass is a big hit here. For example, it is a deceptively real looking, according to Apple in a bright red of one the top seller of this season.

The men should be brave and quiet times to something flashy jewelry. How about small skulls made of silver with rubies as cuff links?

What is true for all other accessories, that is important also in the selection of jewellery: it should fit to the particular occasion and to the dressing room!

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