Hats – History and Models


The word hat comes from the Latin “capucho”, meaning part to cover the head.The first models date back to the year 2,000 BC and were used by the Greeks on trips to protect themselves from the sun.

However, it was after the Renaissance that hats began to have varied shapes and became relevant in society.They were symbols of social distinction and were widely used on formal occasions.In the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s new models emerged and in the 80’s these models were resumed.

Today the hats were once again used by all those who seek style and charm, without social distinction!The hat has acquired a conceptual tone in the visual and has since been widely used in the fashion world!


For women: the beret is a model that looks great on fall and winter looks. It is a model for those who look for an extra charm next to coats, dresses or any other piece of winter! Wear and abuse scarves, scarves and pantyhose to set up your look! The beret leaves anyone with that European air and with great elegance.

For men: The beret creates an alternative air and follows winter coats, jackets or vests.

The berets usually have a very flexible fabric and fit easily to the shape of the user’s head. The darker colors like black, brown or gray are quite classic, combine with colder seasons and are easy to match with everyday clothes.

For men: The top hat was one of the most used accessories in the nineteenth century. It was part of the masculine formal suit, next to the fraque to the coat. It was widely used by the upper classes of society, especially in England and the United States. Today this model has a more scenographic connotation or is used for more eccentric visuals between models and actors.

For women: It is a hat with a masculine air, but there are many women with daring who use it, with great elegance. It can be worn in a masculine style, with pants and shirts or suspenders, letting your face take care of all femininity!

The top hat should be worn by touching the eyebrow. The heights of the toppers vary from 15 to 17cm. The models with higher height and the harder felt are more classic, since those that are more flexible and lower have a certain informal air.

The tops have a round, elongated cup in cylindrical shape, the flap is slightly curved.

This hat model is essentially feminine and exceeds femininity!Full of charm, it is the face of the twenties and remains current, matching with more retro looks.In the 1920s and 1930s, this model was associated with the emancipation of women in the world.The word “clochê” comes from the French “bell”, by its characteristic and local format in which it appeared.

This model looks good on fall / winter looks or night wear, to match with less lightweight fabrics. The clochês are perfect for composing a look in the cold, they combine with alternative or romantic prints: poás, floral, plaid, animal print or plain fabrics in more sober colors. They may have lace adornments, flowers or buckles. The colors in high are black, gray, brown, purple and red, that combine very well with nocturnal looks or for the colder days. Also bet on boots, coats, overcoats, tights, scarves, scarves, dresses and look even more charming with this hat!

The clocher has a canopy that is curved and elongated so that it fits the head of the user. There are more malleable models like the Paris Cloché and others in more rigid felt, which are more common. The flaps are curved and can be used down and up.

At the end of the 19th century the coconut hat was widely used in England for formal occasions to replace the top hat. It was very popular between the 50’s and 60’s.

This model was immortalized in the figure of actor Charles Chaplin, who used it to interpret the character “Carlitos”. It also became famous with its use made by “The Beatles”. The model most similar to the original is the English model, which has the crown and flattened flaps. However, today it is possible to find several models for all tastes and pockets: from the simplest felt-coated, perfect for fancy parties to those based on the English model that are much used by a more demanding audience.

For men:it is a hat very used in alternative and contemporary looks: it fits very well with plaid shirts or more classic looks with vests, suspenders or suits. Black fits well on both more formal and informal occasions, while the colorful versions are more funky and fit well for more uncluttered day-to-day looks.

For women:just like the top hat, the origin of this hat was very much linked to male use. This masculine character, however, is regarded by some as a form of style. This hat falls just fine to break the romantic air a bit of a feminine look or to enhance a strong personality in your look. Try using it in several ways: accompanied with dresses or jeans and shorts and will have very different effects. Dare and look beautiful with your coconut hat!

The coconut hat has a round, flat crown with a short curved brim.

The cowboy hat had its origin with the arrival of the English in the United States. Gradually, the rustic style was incorporated into the day-to-day life of the country people. In Brazil, the sertanejo costume always existed in the rural environment. Currently, this style was also incorporated into the urban environment, along with jeans and the importance that country music has taken in the country. It has been widely used in the great rodeo parties and also for events associated with the field.

For men and women: Match jeans, boot and plaid shirt if you want a look for rodeo parties. For an event in the field, prefer something more neutral: light colored plain shirts and basic jeans are great choices!

This model has a tall, slightly elongated crown and flaps, usually face up on the sides. It is usually made of felt or leather (synthetic or original).

The Fedora hat, also called Borsalino and trilby, is a model that became best known from the 1940s with its use by Hollywood movie stars.It was marked in the figure of mafiosos and gangsters of the American cinema and soon became popular.The trilby option has been a classic that has outdone generations and long-flap models have become the favorites of fashionistas, actors and musicians these days.

For women: this hat usually suits many types of clothing: from a winter look with dress, overcoats and even summer dresses with shorts, light and basic clothes.Choose yours and abuse your creativity to compose your look, this hat is perfect for all seasons and many occasions!

For Men: This model has long been used by men and young women who want an accessory of style and personality.Leaves any look more charming and being basic, can be used at different times!Straight flip models such as the Fedora Gangster and the Fedoras Aba Longa are favorites of the youngest and have become a fever among artists, skaters and musicians.

It has an elongated shape and the crown, at its top forms a C (there is a recess in the central part). The flaps may be straight or more curved, depending on the model. Here at Top-Medical-Schools you can get more different models and styles.

This model emerged in the 60’s and became known in the 70’s in the figure of Brigitte Bardot.Currently its use has been resumed and has been seen in boho looks.It has become a classic in festivals of art and music.

For women: Choose a casual, stylish look to wear it.Combine it with macations, long dresses are great choices.But do not hesitate to dare: it is seen by the sea or in sophisticated events.It is a model that can be used in summer and winter and by being stripped invites to diversified colors.

For men: while the top hat and the coconut are the women who dare, in the Floppy hat the attitude is contrary: men of personality use it to compose their look and they are filled with elegance.Combine it with overcoats and coats, preferring more neutral colors and let your look stripped down with style!

This model has a malleable flap, which allows it to be molded with your hands, according to your preference. Cast your hat to your shape!

This model is the symbol of the Caribbean and became internationally known when President Theodore Roosevelt used it on his visit to the Panama Canal.Produced, handcrafted, it is made in Ecuador with straw toquilla, in the city of Montecristi.

For women and men:this model is very used by Brazilians, the versatility of its use even in the hottest days, it does not overheat and protects the face very well. It is perfect for beach or urban wear, combining well with shorts, shorts, pants, light dresses, long dresses, bikinis, swimsuits and even blazers on colder days. Currently, there are options of this model in the original version , but also in synthetic straw , being at the discretion of the customer the choice of product quality and price.

This model has a depression on the sides and the elongated crown. It is flexible and comfortably wears on the head. The flap may be short or long.

This model became famous. In the 1940s in the figure of jazz musicians. Currently, its use was resumed with the fame of the protagonist of the series Breaking Bad, which wore a Black Classic Pork Pie Hat. It is widely used among artists, skaters and musicians.

For women:this hat has a masculine air, but looks great on women with style and personality. Can be worn in a winter or summer look with dresses, pants, shorts, jackets, coats. Dress up and have fun!

For men:can be worn in winter looks accompanied by coats, jackets or summer looks with shorts, T-shirts and more sportive clothes. Do not hesitate to combine it!

This model has the round shape at the top and the short, slightly curved flaps.

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