Mascara of Eyelash on Diorshow New Look

I used one of the new Quint you Yes → already shown – in addition is now beginning of February the new mascara’Diorshow New Look”by Dior launches. Natalie Portman as glamorous as ever, unfortunately, but not only with the mascara (too bad, that’s always still not will be marked in Germany, when false lashes or Photoshop are in the game…). But with a beautiful overall look, I to would like to make-up again on occasion.

The new mascara advertises itself as “oversized lashes”, a “new, dizzying views – undeniable Dior” and “volume-reinforcing effect”. Here at Microedu you can get more different models and styles. Also new: the Nano-brush in “XS” format (and it is really small – I’ll show you a comparison yet!).

Before it starts with the report, as always the important note:
Mascara works differently in each. I would like to express here also not buy recommendation. It is important when mascara that you even tried. Take her best even for the original (let you clean the brushes in perfumery–there are but also extra “sample brush” used for testing should be!) and not one of the mini samples (which were strangely for me has always been better than the original size and thus a bit deceiving).
What goes well with me, maybe not so nice looks at you, for it can be but also opposite and goofy look at me to be for you but perfect!

The packaging:
The mascara is located in a silver cardboard box. The mascara itself is in a black, high-gloss cover. Directly under the turning opening is a kind of “Dior label” in silver. Dior print and name are printed on the cover in silver. Above the CD logo is stamped on the cover, below is a small round sticker with color number, content, origin, and durability.

The content:
10 ml with an official shelf life of 6 months are included.
The price for the mascara is about €32.

Three colors are available: 090 noir (black) new look, 694 Brun (Brown) new look and 264 Bleu (blue) new look.

Ingredients and description according to packaging:

The brush:

It’s a synthetic brush. It is really very small, about 2 cm long.

The brush is “two parts” – the rear part is equipped with four double-row top, the upper part of small, short, pimple-like cutting tips. Dior is called the “lash catcher” – micro head is intended to catch even the smallest and finest Eyelash hairs – handy for the Interior angle and the lower lashes. Actually. So, I had a few problems. Unfortunately.

Otherwise, the brush is actually very well designed – the individual bristles catch each Eyelash, really.

So that you can see how small is the brush, I compared it to a few common Mascaras.
There are ‘eyes to kill”by Giorgio Armani, my favorite mascara”Phyto-Mascara Ultra Stretch”by Sisley, the most famous” false lash effect mascara “by Max factor and another Dior show, namely that” Diorshow Extase “by Dior.

Carrying photos:
Eyelashes without base and unbent (Eyelash curler). Not refinished with a clean brush (what I would suggest in the case).

I must honestly say that I find it somewhat difficult the mascara. I have worn them a few times now and can handle not quite so well.

The color is great – she is really black. The extension of eyelashes is great, they are wonderfully long and without previously with the eyelash curler to have worked, a nice swing.

Unfortunately the separation makes me but great difficulty – you can see it in the photos – the eyelashes bundle is partially already bad.
Also, I’m on the lower Lashline difficult to the spill. Well, since I was never so good, but I’m better with other brushes. With a dark makeup, that’s no problem, therefore I do not necessarily see that as a negative point – this small Batzer can also quite simply remove (stains to dry – very important!-, cosmetics dry cotton swab – the tapering! – take and turning on the spot). However, I want to have mentioned it.

Otherwise I like the result even at the lower lashes completely. Above can help after himself (old brush always clean and save for such cases for the necessary separation with a clean mascara brush! Is there but also to buy.).
But: I will have to every time make something, if I use my mascara. I will need to immediately have a nice result and still cannot work after.
That’s why I’m here but somewhat disappointed.

Overall the mascara gets so one PLUS for colour, extension and swing, but for each a MINUS for separation and hence volume.

My conclusion:
For me unfortunately no replacement candidate, although I would like to continue using it. The mascara is not bad, just just not so good work for me. My eyelashes are also known to be something difficult, what’s separation.
I like color, extension and swing (with Eyelash curler even nicer!), but the bundles should be fewer. I can mend that fortunately a bit, but just a more expensive mascara should look beautiful even without aid.
There are certainly better (see “Diorshow Extase”-which I like very much!), but also much worse!

As I said at the beginning: no buy recommendation, but instead my suggestion – try! Who knows, if that is not your mascara!

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