The Jewels of the Golden Globes, Necklace, Toe rings

Kerry Washington, super fixer Olivia Pope of Scandal, used the most wonderful set of Deco parts–and were not few-of the red carpet. The brooch with an old European cut diamonds 2.65 Carat framed by quartz and more 1.85 carats of diamonds in Platinum already took my breath away. The earrings and ring of the same period were also beautiful and also belong to the collection of jeweler Fred Leighton. To top it off, she wore a watch, Movado vintage watch that’s poster girl

Zooey Deschanel is specializing in using originalíssimas and jewelry scored one more point
with a set composed of floral earrings with pearls and citrine in yellow gold, bracelet and ring in Platinum with diamonds and pearls, by Neil Lane.She also set the tone of the evening: yellow gold!

Speaking of pearls, the latest discovered that they illuminate the face without regret and razed.Emma Watson wore a (and I mean one, not two, rs) earring collection Mise en Dior. Rashida Jones already used Brazilian Ana Khouri earrings

Amy Adams took a Golden Globe and my Bling Award Show of the night. What about the diamantão in stoning Asher with 30 carats yellow gold? Not to mention 10 Carat us ears. One of the rings opened a fad seen in many beautiful: the ring on the little finger. Was and rings: one with a 12-Carat Diamond rose cut, another with 10 Carat Ruby surrounded by diamonds and a Ruby with 6 carats yellow gold-mounted (as all the parts used). Grand total 8 million dollars from Lorraine Schwartz, the Queen of bling and the Queen of the night began well the celebration of its 10 years on the red carpets of life

Although completely different styles-a made the gorgeous woman and the other Princess-Lupita Nyongo and Sarah Hyland wrote their looks with delicate jewelry and powerful at the same time.Both used brilhantões in the ears and pinky anelões (?) The first vintage diamond ring in yellow gold of Fred Leighton and the second with coral and diamonds in white gold from Lorraine Schwartz. A-M-E-R!

Kaley Cuoco, Penny of The Big Bang Theory (which I love!), was one of who used and abused Red’s in jewelry. Earrings and ring with spinels and diamonds in the jewelry rose gold Ivy in New York and bracelet with diamonds in the same metal of Carla Amorim, another brazilian who scored some looks on the red carpet. The photo of the jewelry is the twitter of Tara Swennen, your stylist

Kristin Chenoweth used the ring Wave Composition only in darker than what appears in the image. Again Carla Amorim

Not to say that I didn’t speak of emeralds, the two beautiful that spruced were Helen Mirren with earrings and bracelet with emeralds and diamonds in Platinum, Bvlgari. The earrings are from 1964 and joined Gina Lollobrigida. After recent auction, now part of the Bvlgari collection. The bracelet is 1965 and also is Bvlgari. Mila Kunis already used emeralds of Marina b. to Gemfields

Know who wore sapphires? The boys! Usher feasted jewelry lovers with brooch with 20 carats of diamonds and ring with 3 sapphires that amounted to 32 Carat and diamonds. Sean Combs used 12-Carat sapphire ring and diamonds and pair of cufflinks with 15 carats of Sapphire. The subject of the male pins is serious: Bono rocked with a black floral. Wow!

The necklaces with diamonds didn’t do ugly this time. There is still much for me to be completely happy, but the laps are no longer naked as in recent times. Jessica Chastain was more than just stunning with a 1930 necklace lightly thrown over his shoulders in the Heritage collection, Bvlgari. So much that he deserved two photos. Lena Dunham used a rivière of Harry Winston. Rita Wilson was with a delicate diamond necklace various jewels. Naomi Watts completed your look with a necklace that combined chain and balls on cookie dough on yellow gold of 1993, also from the Heritage collection of Bvlgari

Sofia Vergara is practically the Clóvis Bornay, the eternal hors concours of the parades of Carnival costumes Deluxe! She always should expect everything. She carries divinely well carved turquoise necklace and diamonds in Platinum you used with earrings and ring on the little finger (again!), all from Lorraine Schwartz. Attention to the turquoise! They were also present in the super Neil Lane earrings that Emma Roberts paraded on the red carpet.

Julia Louis Dreyfus always delivers in jewels and appears with original parts at least. She dazzled me with these divine vintage jewelry from Fred Leighton. Mani-cam, I love the close ups!

Two more bracelets took my breath away. Julianna Margulies wore a bracelet of the 50 years, of the line of Van Cleef&Arpels Ludo. The earrings had diamonds, coral and Onyx in yellow gold, also of VC & A, but in 1973. Already the ring is very current, with Onyx and diamonds, Alhambra line. com vintage jewelry earrings!Sarah Paulson matched earrings and bracelet with moonstones and diamonds in yellow gold, Irene Neuwirth. I love Moonstone.

Zoe Saldana looked more discreet had a pedrona finger: a grey diamond with 10 carats surrounded by Pink diamonds in rose gold. Accompanied earrings, spinning rims smaller spikes and Ray brooch in hair, both with pink gold and diamonds from Lorraine Schwartz

There’s always someone to take a risk and use really unique pieces. This time it was Minnie Driver with earrings and ring Kimberly MacDonald

I will spare you the babadão Paula Patton wore, but you can’t ignore their jewelry. The earring and the aft bulwark plating diamond ring and Central stones beautiful to die. In the earrings seem to be rocks from the Moon or something, but I’m sure ring is a Paraiba tourmaline, by David Yurman

Finally, the total elegance award goes to Cate Blanchet, who after a brilliant performance in Blue Jasmine Wood, Allen, attended the award ceremony with Chopard jewels. Weren’t any jewelry. Were jewelry certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), carried out with gems and metals that follows strict precepts of sustainability. She picked up the Green Carpet Challenge, created by Eco-Acts of Livia Firth, wife of Colin Firth, which summons celebrities around the world to use clothes and accessories developed ethically and ecologically appropriate. The 72 diamonds in stoning shuttle and the white gold earrings were even more beautiful, don’t you think?

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made three wardrobe changes and in each one the jewels were spectacular. My favorite appeared on second look, already on stage. So, no pictures or information. I owe the info for you. Sorry. Just found out that the Ruby ring of Tina was … Lorraine Schwartz. But what I’d really like to know is who are the bracelets of Amy…

Instagram direct of stylists Karla Welch and Kemal Harris came the answer: the jewels of Amy Pohler are Vintage Neil Lane!!! Just look at those beautiful citrus. A kiss.

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