The Japanese Nail Style in the Fingertips

A Russian proverb says: “hands are to the the GLück create and the distribute grief.” One more reason to pay them 😉 and some attention

Our hands are constantly on the move. Their skin is very thin and has little oil glands and adipose tissue in subcutaneous tissue. At the moment, the mix of dry heating air from inside and cooling outside the skin even more moisture.

No wonder that it wrinkles so easily and reveals our age like no other area of the skin. In addition, frequent hand washing weakens the protective film the delicate skin and nails swell. Therefore after each contact with water: essential lotion.

Here, it doesn’t matter which hand you use. As long as it contains many Moisturizing active ingredients. Urea is ideal, because it helps the skin Additionally also to retain the moisture. When dry, rough skin , a cream with Shea butter or olive oil is ideal, because they contain many fatty acids, the calm and regenerate. The Squalane olive, avocado or wheat germ oil is similar to our sebum and moves so quickly.

The hand model with which I was previously photo production, go by the way, with special gloves to bed. Their polymer coating with olive oil, Ceramides, grape seed and jojoba beautifies really damaged, brittle, cracked skin with moisture and downright bolsters it up. Effect after getting up: very delicate, smooth hands.

A typical sign of too much sun and too little protective cream are the so-called age spots – an absolute nightmare for Japanese who use from head to toe on creams that brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation. Here at Gradchem you can get more different models and styles. Dermatologists call them way, sun spots, because they are caused by UV rays. The ideal prevention: use hand cream with Sun protection factor – and that around the year (such as “alessandro Hand! Spa package complex Sun SPF 50 “, 50 ml, approx. €17). And who annoy those stains, which uses a whitening cream (such as “Clinique even better dark spot correcting hand cream SPF 15”, 75 ml, approx. €40).

Properly Filing

Best nails can be after a warm hand bath in the form. They are then soft and not so easily splinter. File with a sand paper file from the edge to the middle in a direction.

A make-up artist told me how he makes sure that the file is ready for long use: after filing a plaster or tape to both sides of file stick and pull off with a jerk. Horn remains and dirt located directly.

Young Kick Cuddles

Occasionally, our hard-working hands need also some useÖhn massage. Indian doctors swear even on daily hand massage for more vitality and energy. First of all the hands are oiled. Then massage the finger from the root to the tip and then edge of the hand and wrist with thumb and forefinger clockwise in small circles. This raises tensions and acts like a fresh kick.

Gymnastics F For Slim, Portable Finger

Muscles and joints stay beautifully supple, sports doctors recommend this fitnessexercise: Squeeze a tennis ball or a pen with the palms on a table top roll.

My favorite-gymnasticsexercises with massage I can make wonderful also in television:

First to the top the fingers of both hands from the root circling knead.Then the finger as interlock together to pray. Arms out. The Palms bend outward. Stop and relax. Repeat twice.

Then the palms of the hands and around the thumb circling massage.As with pressure, because that relaxes tense muscles, tendons and ligaments. Interlock the fingers together and the wrists slightly pulling upwards. Guests can relax. Repeat twice.

Last, the fingers are stretched, pulling twice easily on each and every one. Interlock the fingers back into each other. Tilt it the hands forward. Gently stretch your palms upwards. Again loose and repeat two more times.

An exercise, you can make wonderfully simple time in between: The fingertips of both hands put together, thumb on thumb, index finger index finger etc. and rub something against each other. To do this a couple of times a day, you get a better feeling for themselves. It relaxes not only the hands, but calms the nerves and helps wonderfully in stress.

Oh yes, one thing more: I bet you not manage to avoid the little finger, without moving the ring finger. Because a muscle for the motion of both fingers is responsible. Try me 😉

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