Vintage Garden Path Inspiration

The garden path is a way beautifully creating a path to walk peacefully in his garden. It must be in accordance with the place where it is located. That is why knowing styles of gardens and alleys of garden that go with is an asset.

Somehow, there are three major styles of garden and through this, also three styles of garden path. These gardens are recognized worldwide for their characteristics. For example, the French garden for its geometric forms, the Japanese garden – commonly called zen garden – with its rollers and its good shrubs pruned, and the English garden known for its asymmetries and many flowers.

You may have guessed, these three – there are those that can be found in the world. However, these aren’t the only ones and you can give the style you want in your garden: a provencal spirit if you live in the South, add a Bohemian touch or stay in harmony with nature by having a natural and minimalist decoration.

A Provencal Garden Path

When we think of Provence, we hear the crickets, you can feel the hot air of the summer and we see fields of lavender.

If you live in the South of the France, it is more than possible that your garden path is in agreement with the region. To do this, just plant flowers such as lavender, which is the most characteristic. Finally, draw your path by installing white stones.

A Japanese Garden Path

The Japanese garden is an asset when his garden is a place of well-being. It is composed of rollers, shrubs trimmed perfectly rounded, slate and often a small area of water.

When you have such a garden, garden path may be wood with borders in slates with irregular contours or white pebbles.

Increasingly, modern garden alleys take airs of aisles of garden Japanese.

A French Garden Path

The French garden was born in the 18th century with its large gardens to geometric shapes. It consists mainly of low or high hedges perfectly trimmed. French Garden alleys are logically in the same spirit, and their paths are graphic. We discover land where grass and stone blend to form squares, rhombuses, triangles or round shapes. By taking the party to have a such garden path, he need to maintain it rigorously.

A Garden In the Spirit of Nature Path

Nature inspiration garden path is certainly the simplest to design because it takes very little things. Question vegetation, you can choose what you like to tuck in your driveway: flowers, wild plants or shrubs.

For the path, the wood seems the most appropriate material. This will be a reminder to the trees. However, you can also build your way with stones, but they must be the least worked to make possible natural. With one such alley, your garden will never had a spirit of nature !

An English Garden Alley

The English garden is reputed to be a space very flowery with a large number of different flowers. Visually, a garden inspired by an English garden path is well colored. In addition to his various tones, the garden path will be artfully messy.

For one such garden path, you know what you have to do! Draw an irregular path and plant flowers, all those that you can enjoy.

A Retro Garden Path

It is possible to make a leap in time and specifically in the past through the decoration. Inside of the habitat, these are garden furniture that will install a vintage outdoors style.

To dress up your retro garden path, head cement tiles or tiles from outside the spirit of yesteryear.

Do echo to your retro garden path in furnishing your outdoor furniture to vintage style garden: throw your sights like here on retro armchairs to the rounded lines and a straight bench, but long and round cushions.

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