World Rock Day: Rock ‘N’ Roll Music


Much more than a musical style, today rock is considered a lifestyle, an influence in the world of fashion and synonymous with pure attitude.

Today is the world day of rock and we will tell a little more of the history of this contagious musical genre that has been winning more and more listeners and how it has influenced so many fashionistas. Let’s meet?

How Rock Has Become A Fashion Trend

It is not today that rock has been making its mark on the catwalks all over the world and completely changing the way people dress.

Since the mid 50’s he has been marking a strong presence in the fashion universe. Leather jackets with spikes or tacks, boots, destroyed jeans and the custom jeans jacket that are now making a huge hit in the fashion tops stops.

But it was on July 13, 85 that a live show, Live Aid, was held for the union against the famine in Africa that marked the time. Many famous artists of the time came together and made an unforgettable show, so since that day it has been marked forever and known as world rock day.

Rock Fashion Inspirations

The music genre began to inspire the fashionistas when the rock stars were super high at that time, starting with Elvis Presley who was the first to launch fashion with jeans with a folded bar and leather jacket. Here at Stylishtacoma.Com you can get more different models and styles.

The 80s were marked by the rebel movement where many bands like Gun’s and Roses, Twisted Sister, Ac / Dc, Sex Pistols and many others who sang the freedom of expression translated in lyrics that every youngster wanted to hear.

Jeans were a key part in composing rebellious looks inspired by the rock ‘n’ roll generation. Detonated trousers, bandanas, denim shirt, boots, jeans vest, jeansjacket and lots of leather could not be missed.

Can you see the similarity of our looks today? Nowadays these pieces and accessories are classic in the productions of those who want to dare in the visual.An example the look all jeans or double denim that this time bombed, today is back with full force.

And even today rock inspires fashion fashion wherever it goes. Rock is also prone to overwhelming production, so team up nicely your wardrobe with the rock fashion pieces and gamble without fear.

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