Short Wedding Dresses: 10 Amazing Templates for You to Shine!

The wonderful world of brides has a fascinating detail: the dress! The choice of the model is as important as the other preparations and women love it. The fashion that has already dictated colorful dresses in the 1990s now embraces the short models that are getting more and more brides and have also been featured in other decades.

In the ’60s, for example, actress Audrey Hepburn of the movie Little Bone of Luxury wore a short pink outfit signed by famed Givenchy. Top Isabeli Fontana also surprised with an incredible dress above the knee when she married actor Henri Castelli in 2006.

Short wedding dresses are getting higher especially at this time of year and also spring. They promise to make the ladybug “sweep” even more in the look complementing her special day.

It is worth remembering that some care is needed in choosing the model, since some may remember more “debutante” than “novia”. Let’s look at the examples:

The Choice Of The Ideal Short Wedding Dress

The choice varies according to the bride’s style and common sense. The following models make the basics line beautiful and can be used as examples for brides who do not mind many “trolos” gracing on them.

Although the detail seems exaggerated, this short dress gains a special effect for its simple and discreet model. The look is even more charming with the presence of transparent and short glove. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

Let’s see now, two models that will make brides more beautiful. The first two models are very similar, but the second is indicated for brides who feel more comfortable in relation to the breasts and appreciate small necklines.

The third model, although simple, is distinguished by differentiated tissue. In this example, we also notice the “joke” made with colors. The model is ideal for outdoor weddings. The fourth model draws all attention due to the detail of the tie over the right shoulder.

Not only can skimmies do it all, chins also shine with models of shorter dresses, check out some models for brides plus size:

The first model i

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