Renowned Brands of Fresh Neck Tie Rentals

It is now possible to rent your ties so that they are always new and trends!

Sir your tie is stained. If you never ever suffer this kind of thinking, me if. And I did not appreciate, especially since I had no alternative, or me, or by car. It is always regrettable not to have two or three ties, even if they are in natural silk and renowned brand. Indeed, for us men the only fancy that we be allowed is the tie. Only she, is capable of being noticed

positively or… to pass a plouk; and, only one student, banker, or… in a campaign commercial. People we work with every day notice very quickly that, laziness or finance in berne, we don’t change tie as a measure of cleanliness (no! contrary to what had been advised a former Minister of health, sneezing not in his tie). An average of €120 brand tie, own 30, comes the price of a Savile Row tailored suit. So how to get out of the batch of the cohorts of “suit and tie” grey or black, that haunt the streets, offices or the evenings.
There is a solution. She was found by two young Americans who came back into working life. They soon realized the vital role was playing the tie in relationships and on the psychology of people. They started by exchanging them among themselves and then with friends. To go even further, they quickly created a rental of ties on the internet site. This concept is now available in France!

Our site, how it works ?

First choice. This is a collection of more than twenty brands: hugo boss tie, De Fursac, Burberry, Valentino, Angelico, Church’s… do not throw more. Here at listofusnewspapers you can get more different models and styles.

Then, the concept. It subscribes for free. Then, select the formula of their choice among the four available: from 1 tie at €14.90 per month, 8 ties to € 49.90, always a month. Intermediate formulas to 3 ties (€29,90) and 5 tie (€39,90) are also available. We choose the models in the collection, and these are delivered at home with an envelope pre-paid for the return of each model. As soon as a tie is returned, another may be chosen in the collection and unlimited. The subscription can be cancelled at any time. It goes without saying, but even better by telling, that ties returned by customers, are carefully inspected and cleaned after each use.
I don’t know what you think, but for me it is a service I can not pass me.

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