Mobile with Weak Signal May be the Fault of Cover

Cell phone with weak signal what to do?  Many people have complained that the wifi signal or the mobile carrier is not weak and can not resolve. In many cases, the solution may be easier and simpler than you might think. Did you know that your cell phone could be responsible for poor reception of the signal due to interference in the waves responsible for communication? Most people love to flaunt, and for that nothing better than buying a hood or case, super cool for the cell phone . There are several types of materials and models, to suit every type of customer’s taste, whether rich, poor, tacky or chic. No matter, it always has a hood made to protect and flaunt.

Leather, silicone and plastic are the best materials because they do not cause any interference, as well as raw materials of animal or vegetable origin, such as cotton or waterproof fabrics. Glasses are also allowed, as are protective films.

What materials interfere with the cellular signal?

Never use materials made of metals, they function as a kind of mirror repelling incoming waves and those that are emitted. From aluminum to gold, avoid this kind of material, unless you do not mind getting your reception compromised, as they leave the cell with the weak signal. Although the interference is not very large, it can make a considerable difference in places with little “network”. It interferes so much that no cell phone comes out of the factory with the iron cap or any other metal. Unless of course by order or special edition, such as those made by that cost in the cheapest, about 10 thousand Reais. If you do not want to give up your metal hood, the tip is to remove it in places where The reception is precarious. That simple.

Can I store credit cards next to my cell phone?

This is a question that many people ask, even there are leather cell phone covers with compartments to store credit cards and the like. You can rest easy, according to Thiago Poliandri, Nextel’s network engineer, it’s okay to keep credit cards with your cell phone.

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