Product Tip: iPhone Armor-Griffin Survivor

Hey guys! Well I’m a passionate iPhone user. I think this cell phone is one of the best inventions of mankind(hehehehehehe… Exaggeration).  And since I always take him to the pedals, I’ve already broken mine three times.

After arranging the phone for the third time, I decided to go out looking for a cape that would “hold up” and I found it! The Griffin Survivor, which is the cover used by the US Army and English in the current wars.

The cape is a real armor and holds a lot. There are a lot of videos on YouTube, from the guys doing the most crazy tests possible on the cover.

See the example below

The cover is actually composed of two parts. A first rigid skeleton, which is encased in the cell phone and a thick silicone cover that surrounds everything.


She really is very tough! I’ve been using the cover for 3 months and the phone has dropped a couple of times and nothing happened. I even took a bike fall these days, I did everything, but the phone is ZERO!!!

The cover is rainproof(not waterproof… will not get into the pool with the iPhone), which gives a good peace of mind while you are pedaling. If it rains it will not detonate the phone and you do not even have to carry a plastic bag in your pocket. It is also good that it protects the phone from sweat. You can see that all the entrances are well closed.

The glass that protects the front of the phone does not disturb the iPhone Touch Screen at all. It Works very well.


The main drawback is the size! The telephone had flipped. As you can see in the photo, the cell phone is much larger than the original size.

Another disadvantage is the use of the camera on the back of the phone. There is a piece of silicone that protects the camera, there is a place you hold that part and use the camera, but it does not work 100% no. Sometimes it’s kinda bad to arrest… it’s letting go… anyway… it’s a little difficult.

It is not a cheap cover either. I paid $ 130.00 on that one.


I’ve been using it for some time and despite the disadvantages I’m enjoying it. In my case it’s worth it, even more that I’m starting on the MTB and the tumbles are more frequent.

If you also have an iPhone and are scared to take it to the pedal, I recommend this cover!


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