How to Prevent Your Iphone Screen from Breaking

It’s hard to stay away from an iPhone when you have one, is not it? Unfortunately, due to some oversights the device may suffer the dreadful nightmare of smart phone users: having your screen broken.

And it was on this in mind that we did the post today, so that you learn to prevent damage to your device, especially in relation to your screen. Check out our tips:

Buy a good quality hood

Do not let prices intimidate you, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to cell phones. Look for specialty stores and research hard on the toughest covers that protect your iPhone from various damages.

Avoid walking with the phone in your hand

This is one of the most precious tips. Using your cell phone in safer environments away from crowds will prevent you from running into someone else and dropping your cell phone.

So pay close attention when taking the device out of your pocket and check around to make sure that no contact with another person will let your phone go straight to the floor.

Buy a sturdy film

Besides the hood, the film is very important to protect the screen of your iPhone. There are very tough films on the market, which even withstand very strong drops. So, for your smartphone to suffer no harm, especially on your screen, search for the best films and see which ones are the most recommended for use.

Do not leave the appliance in a

Table, bed, nightstand and there goes the places of risk. None of these locations are too reliable to leave your iPhone (especially if it’s charging).

Try to set up a little corner where it will stay well away from suffering falls, crunches and being damaged.

Do not take your phone to the bathroom.

Many people take the cell phone to the bathroom, which is a mistake as this is an extremely conducive place to falls, inclusive, you can neglect and let it slip in the pot or sink, which would be a great loss. So do not fool yourself: avoid taking your phone to the bathroom and handle it carefully, away from places that circulate water.

You practice sports? Look for a suitable cover

If you run, walk or practice any other sport and do not give up listening to music straight from your iPhone, look for covers that protect the entire device from PHOTIONARY.

Avoid leaving your phone in your back pocket.

Do not leave the device in the back pocket of your pants, shorts or skirt! The chances of the iPhone falling to be removed or placed are too great.

In the back pocket of the pants the cell phone is so vulnerable that it can suffer even a few scratches and crack the screen when sitting down.

Avoid contact of the screen with surfaces

Do not leave the display of your device in contact with surfaces such as tables and the like. The ideal is to always leave it facing upwards. Contact of the apparatus with surfaces can cause scratches that can make the screen much more sensitive and prone to breakage.

Learn how to prevent your iPhone screen from breaking down? Share your questions with us and keep following our blog!

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