15 Super Creative Ideas for Decorating for Lingerie Tea

The lingerie tea is becoming increasingly common and comes as a complement to all the other festivities that already exist to precede a wedding. The idea is to fill the bride with beautiful gifts like panties, bras and sweaters and make the bride and her friends have a lot of fun. Something that usually leaves brides anxious is what is the appropriate lingerie tea decor and how to make a cheap but beautiful decoration.

The party usually happens close to one or two months before the wedding and is organized by the bride herself, together with some close friends. The idea is for it to be a very intimate party that can even be made at the bride’s house or the future bride and groom’s house (remembering to expel him, of course). The décor for lingerie tea is one of the most important aspects of the festival because it is what will transform a common room into an extraordinary stage for laughter and beautiful photos. Let’s get the tips, then:

1 – Mount A Catwalk For Parade

If the place you plan to hold your lingerie tea has a hallway, this step of decorating for lingerie tea is already easier! It is only to decorate the ceiling with pompoms, feathers or other artifacts of the sort, in order to make it look like a catwalk.

The ideal is to still put a strip with the name of the bride at the beginning of it. This decorating idea for lingerie tea is setting up a space for the bride’s parade! Or do you think the bride will win all those gifts and the guests will not want to see her try? This is one of the coolest jokes in lingerie tea!

2 – Customize A Photo Booth

You do not need to hire a photo booth service and not even a professional photographer if you do not want to. As the party is very intimate, perhaps the bride and the guests do not feel comfortable with the presence of a professional of the kind. A great way to achieve this absence of official photos is to create a photo booth as a cheap but very efficient decoration.

In a simple visit to the popular market of the city, the bride will get pieces to compose the photos for a very affordable price. For example: feathers, hats, fun little bows and even a macaw, to put it all. Then, just drag the guests there and take lots of fun pictures! Selfies are very valid, but do not forget to take a machine with a timer and a tripod, to take regular photos and all together. A beautiful and fancy decoration shape that fits in your pocket!

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3 – Card Signed By The Groom

This cheap and beautiful decoration tip is also a great joke. Some friend of the bride or relative goes to the groom, a few days before the party, and makes him write, in a very big card, on the top of the card: “I (his name), I promise:”. The middle of the card should be blank and there at the end, in the corner, he needs to sign. Ready. When it comes to decorating for lingerie tea is just hanging the poster board on the wall and provide several little pens.

The guests themselves will finish this beautiful decoration by writing in the empty cardboard space everything the bridegroom has to do for the bride in the married life. Anything goes! From cute things like “I promise to say I love you every day” even spicier promises! A lingerie tea decoration with promise of lots of laughter.

4 – Sweets Also Have To Enter The Climate

There’s nothing sweeter than a lingerie tea decor that is also mirrored in sweets! See more candy ideas for lingerie tea here . Ideally, it is ordered in advance in specialized confectioneries, but if there is some invited and offered to make them, even better! They should have the theme of the party, that is, lingerie everywhere!

The bride can choose the colors or styles, according to what she wants for the party as a whole. They are a beautiful decoration! So beautiful they even feel like eating, do not they?

5 – Use Sexy Lingerie To Decorate The Environment

Some houses and environments already come with hooks on the wall, also called hangers. There you usually hang coats, hats or other elements of the day-to-day. On the day of the party no: you will hang lingerie! That’s it! The walls of your house will be full of panties, bras, corselets, corsets and everything else your imagination allows! It looks simple, but the effect of it makes it look beautiful!

If your space does not have these hooks, you can buy these hangers in several shops, including department. Just look for the cheap decoration option, in that case, and bet on hanging lingeries.

6 – Bottles Decorated Are A Charm

The bottle decoration is super trendy and of course the lingerie tea was not going to be left out. It is a beautiful decoration that, incredibly, is also a cheap decoration and can even be made by the bride or her friends.

They can be decorated with paint or even string. The important thing is that they combine with the proposal of the party and with the colors. If you want, you can even make enough of them to be gifts for the guests at the end of the party. We have already taught you how to customize bottles, learn.

7 – Dare At A Themed Party

It is more common for lingerie teas to have a color theme (which can be more romantic or bolder), but you can dare and give them a party! The subject may be, for example, Moulin Rouge or, perhaps, even fifty shades of gray. The important thing is to make the bride and the guests laugh a lot and provide beautiful photos!

8 – Enamels And Other Feminine Goods

They are not only a beautiful decoration but can also serve as great gifts. The cool thing about this type of lingerie tea decoration is that you can solve two steps of the party at once: decorate and give of toast!

It is even possible to have custom labels used to glue the enamel, for example. So every time your guests are painting the nail, they will remember how beautiful the lingerie tea decoration was!

9 – Fun Plates

Fun little plaques are an inexpensive decoration that is present in every party today. They make beautiful pictures and guarantee great laughs! There are a number of pre-made ideas and places where you can simply buy the ready-made plates. However, to make this beautiful decoration you only need paper-card, pens (or a printer!) And creativity.

10 – Scrapbook

The idea here is to find a place so that the guests can leave cute messages for the bride! It can be adapted for jokes as well. For example, at some point in the party the guests can fill the mural with embarrassing memories of things the bride has already done and the bride has to guess who wrote what!

In addition to being a possible stage for jokes, the message board is an inexpensive decoration, simple to make and that looks amazing as a decoration for lingerie tea. All you will need is a simple string and small preachers, which can also be themed in diy style.

11 – Abuse Of Feathers, Feathers And Pompoms

There is no lingerie tea that is prized without at least one of these articles being present! They are an inexpensive decoration, which can be bought in any popular market and that compose photos beautifully.

12 – Flags Of The Heart Or Something Spicy

This type of flag already sells ready. It follows the same style as those of St. John, but with other themes. A from the heart is the darling of the brides, but you can dare and choose a more spicy theme! If you can not find it to buy, you can do with a little talent for trimming and gluing. A very cute idea and it is a cheap decoration.

13 – Flowers And Petals Add A Romantic Touch

How about sprucing up your house with flowers? In a choice of lingerie party more romantic, they are the perfect choice. They can be real, artificial or even origami! They can even stay inside the little bottles we’ve talked about here. A beautiful decoration, in several modalities.

If you prefer, you can also replace the flowers by petals. They are usually sold for a high price in floriculture (or even donated, if you ask nicely) and can be a beautiful decoration when played correctly. On the cake table, for example.

14 – Balloons Scattered Around The House

Helium gas balloons are not just for childrens parties. They get a breeze spread around the room and can be of different formats. The most common is heart, but you can innovate and dare in them as well.

15 – Embellish Everything! (Cups, Mugs And Etc.)

Release your imagination and do not be afraid! Embellish everything. The straws may have a circle with the bride’s name, cups, pitchers and other utensils as well. Inspire yourself with our tips and dream high! The décor for lingerie tea can be cheap and beautiful, you just need creativity and friends to help in the execution.

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