Rice Cooker-Recipe, How to

Rice Cookie Recipe

There are dishes that can be useful at home, to enjoy leftovers and still be super delicious. It is the case of the rice cookie that we can use the rice that was not consumed at lunch or dinner and make tasty and tasty rice cakes.

You want to make rice dumpling, for this you will need: two cups of cooked rice, 2 eggs, green smell, well minced (to taste), white flour and salt to taste.This is a simple recipe and the way of preparation is equally simple: separate a large bowl and place the rice, eggs, green odor and salt.Then mix everything with a spoon and slowly add the mixture to the wheat flour and knead with your hands until you get the point that is where the dough does not break.Go make balls and measure as a tablespoon.Then heat hot oil over medium heat and then warm, add the cookies and fry until golden;then remove them and allow to drain on a plate with absorbent paper.Serve hot as accompaniment or appetizer with some sauce to accompany, like shoyu sauce.

Now a more spiced cookie you will need: two cups of cooked rice tea, half a cup of grated Parmesan cheese;half a cup of milk tea;two tablespoons of chopped green scent, one tablespoon of baking powder;half a cup of corn starch tea;half a cup of wheat flour, 3 eggs and oil for frying.The mode of preparation is similar to the above.Remember that the frying oil needs to be very hot so the cookie is crispy and well cooked on the outside and creamy on the inside.A great tip for enjoying the food.

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