How to Choose Sheet 100% Cotton-150 Threads

Hello, you have doubts in choosing the sheet?

You’ve probably got confused in choosing a blanket or bedding. There are many names such as cotton and polyester, the percentage of each and the quantity of wires. A reader asked me to talk about this topic, because I was with this question, so here we go… How to choose sheet? According to, you can’t choose sheet or any bedding just for beauty, it’s important to pay attention to the material. There are materials that heat up too much and no one wants to wake up sweating or feel uncomfortable with the texture.So not to miss the ideal is to buy the bed linen made of 100% cotton. He has a touch more gentle, soft and not form small balls. In addition, last longer, in this case the best options of cotton is Egyptian and pima cotton.

If you buy something that has 80% cotton and 20% polyester (which is more common) you won’t have as much comfort, however much he has advantages as retain the color, good durability and wrinkle resistance.Even paying a little more expensive, the best option is the 100% cotton material.

Amount Of Wires? -How To Choose Sheet

The amount of wires will also interfere with comfort and quality, the greater the number of wires per inch softer and durable will be the fabric. It is best to opt for the 200 thread count, he’s going to be cute and won’t tear easily.The 150 is good and also the most common, but if you find with 200 threads in an interesting price for you, choose for him. You can find more wires too, as I said, the more yarn, more smooth and soft, it will look very much like the satin texture, very cozy huh? Now we go to an important tip, how to choose sheet you already know, but how to take care of them? The tip on washing time is not mixing the polyester cotton fabrics, they loose balls that can adhere to natural fibres. This can compromise the smoothness of the fabric.

Time to put in the machine, don’t overdo it in the SOAP, use warm water and rinse with cold water. Dry in the dryer or on the Clothesline in the shade not to fade and when adjust the temperature with the label. Time to save choose a cool dry place to ensure greater durability. Use cotton bags or TNT to keep the quilts and blankets and separate the neutral colors of bold colors.

These are the tips, now that you know how to choose sheet, be sure to share this article with your friends.Many people have questions about this subject so help them too.

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