September, Autumn and the Trenchcoat

September has arrived (there are 3 days, ok), and with it, the change of seasons. For you here in Brazil, spring coming. For me, here at Caliph (and for many readers in readers in Portugal yeeey!), autumn.In both cases, the station is usually half that crazy stuff. Do butterflies, it’s hot, sometimes it rains, sometimes it’s sunny.

And it’s funny how the month actually turn to the weather starts to change and a draft much of the bastard started blowing again for the city. The Sun is still shining most days, but just go out and feel that take a Cardigan in tow again became basic necessity.

And that’s a little crazy climate of early half the station look of today’s post. The truth is that I’ve said it here but I’m going to repeat: there is no better friend to these little crazy climate seasons than the trench coat. Not even heavy, practical and super versártil, you can play over pretty much anything.

I’m in a blue, so I chose to combine my trench with Navy blue jeans and white t-shirt.

But the jeans in this case was special. I wanted to play with the proportions and I bet those Springfield baggy and super comfortable well culottes. And ended up finding fun as the trench look like short compared to the length of the pants.

To conclude, my mules that appeared here that post three looks with jeans. And I’m telling you, you jizz-comfortable to wear.

Welcome, September. Bora if party.

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