Beauty Blender: So You Used the Wunderei Correctly

He is small, pink and stars such as Katie Holmes and Kim Kardashian hot desires: the beauty Blender, an egg sponge, is one of the must-have products of in recent years. Inventor Rea Ann Silva has chatted with us about their worst makeup mishaps and reveal their best makeup tricks

How came a makeup sponge egg on the idea to develop?

Rea Ann Silva: The idea was born out of necessity. All of a sudden there were film and television in high-definition resolution and every pore was huge to see on the screen. So, I’ve melted the actor with airbrush so that it looks as natural. Carrying around an airbrush machine with you, is very cumbersome. That’s why I had to invent something with which you always can brush up on makeup – thus arose the beauty Blender (available E.g. via The egg shape of the sponge adapts perfectly to the shape of the face.

How to use the beauty Blender correctly?

Rea Ann Silva: first to moisten it, many women don’t know that. Then press out and dry with a towel. DAB on makeup, not elapse. So there are no transitions and the look is very natural. That he is wet, it absorbs any Foundation. You should wash it but be sure each day with soap or a mild brush cleaner.

Beware, trap: we make these makeup mistakes every day!

Bright pink lips, great eyeshadow: today you are perfectly made up! There are beauty missteps, that you can remember?

Rea Ann Silva: Oh my God, Yes! (laughs) Especially in my teen years. I have gone I plucked the eyebrows and bleached it. Often I overdid it with the colors. I learned very early for my work: it is better to wear almost no makeup. If I decide on a certain look and my customers don’t like him, he automatically thinks: “Oh, no! So I will look now!” But if I go out with my husband, or go to a party, I love to me make-up.

If you see the make-up by women on the street: what tips can you give them?

Rea Ann Silva: Overdoing it with the makeup and hands away from too much color! What I often see is that women are attempting to address several trends at the same time: bright lips, catlike eyes, shimmer complexion and Smokey-eyes – all at once! There’s a tip out of fashion: before you go out of the House, look yourself in the mirror again and get an accessory. So, the look is not “overdone”. I think this also applies to the makeup. Look in the mirror and again take away some color, then it is usually right.

You work as a make-up artist for over twenty years. What moment has gone you especially in memory?

Rea Ann Silva: I can remember my first movie very well. He was called “Friday” and is well known in the United States. There’s a role, Felicia, I had to make-up. She should look as if she ever not slept, tired and emaciated. In America, there is now the saying “goodbye Felicia”, if you want to get rid of someone you don’t like. All people know this gruesome makeup now. That’s funny, because now is mostly about my profession, to make people beautiful.

They travel around the world – are interesting new beauty trends, they have discovered what?

Rea Ann Silva: I find very interesting the new skincare products from Asia. There are face roller and other crazy instruments that look like a torture tool. But they are great. I think women are put more and more value in the future, to maintain that they need minimal makeup skin. You should try as long as possible of course nice to be. I’m also not a young skip more (laughs).

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