Skate Protective Gear: Meet Essential Tools to Practice Sport Safely

Helmet, knee pads, gloves and appropriate clothing can prevent serious accidents for those who practice the sport

Safety equipment are critical in skateboarding, a sport in which “not wanting to get hurt is like wanting to surf without getting wet”, in the words of Fernando Tassara, organizer of the Championships and legal Director of the Brazilian Confederation of Skateboarding (CBSk).

Know what are the main equipment to avoid the most common injuries in sports:

Helmet, knee pads and gloves
The helmets, basic part of security, in general are made in two types of material: injected plastic or composite of synthetic fibers. The manufactured in plastic are usually cheaper and offer less protection, since they absorb less impact. The fiber (glass or carbon fiber are the most common), although more expensive, are more effective.

Among the brands of helmet tracks of Brazilians are Pro-tec and Triple 8. For the knee pads and gloves, Niggli is national preference.

Clothes and Shoes

In addition, the choice of clothing and shoes are also safety factors, given that the maneuvers are always made in friction with the board itself or the asphalt.

So, with thick soles and shoes with good grip are essential. The tall and sturdy material such as canvas and leather, help protect the feet. To the clothes, jeans and denim pieces are the best options, because these tissues are resistant and hardly tear.

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